Heather, known as The Feather, is my #2 grandchild. She was superseded by her sister, my firstborn grand one, Shawna. Since I was my mother’s third child and another girl, I can relate to being down the line. My dad worked away from home when I was a kid, so my mother handled my care by turning me over to my two sisters to raise. I lived in their shadows and sad to say, it took me years to emerge and become my own person.

Not so with the Feather. She demanded attention and made her way on her terms and conditions, aided by her intelligence and talents. Today she’s the mother of three shining kids, while managing a practice as a massage therapist specializing in Restoration Myofascial Release. I found her website under Heather Hammell.

I was with her for a few days last week enjoying the sun filled skies in LaQuinta, near Palm Springs, California. While she massaged my leg with the damaged PT band, we discussed a web site for me. As an author, I need the venue to talk to my readers and share my love of poetry and reading. “No problem, Lolo,” she said. “I can do one for you.”

Which she did and I’m launched. And here I want to say Thank You, Feather. You light up my life. And to my first born, Shawna, not to worry. I will feature you in a blog, too. Oh dear. I have five other grandchildren, and then there’s the eight greats.

Thank you dear Heather, Feather. Look what you’ve started.

Lois Olmstead